Our Products


All our products are made specifically to meet client needs and this is achieved by working closely with our customers. Our team understands your products and industry, and applies specialized knowledge of corrugated packaging design, manufacture and supply.

We always produce the most cost-effective solution and design; and our strategies to continuously enhance our business practices

ensure that our products will offer customers great value for money.


Corrugated Boxes

We manufacture customized corrugated boxes and boards ranging from 3- ply to 11- ply in required flute profiles (A,B,C,E,F etc.) Additionally, new flute profiles, both larger and smaller than those listed here can be created for more specialized boards, and different flute profiles can be combined on one board. 

We will work closely with you to design and manufacture corrugated boxes and boards that fit your need and price.

Multi-colored Duplex corrugated cartons

You can increase your brand presence by utilizing printing on multi-coloured duplex cartons. We can manufacture multi-coloured duplex cartons to your specifications for shipping or decorative use.  Multi-coloured duplex cartons can be manufactures with almost any design and colour.

Heavy Duty Containers

We manufacture heavy-duty corrugated boxes with high burst strength that are extremely strong and therefore can hold more heavy bulk items, such as furniture and industrial equipment.  Our heavy-duty carton products are: Bulk Cargo heavy duty containers, Multi depth heavy duty containers, Side loaded heavy duty containers and customized heavy duty containers.

Corrugated Crates

We manufacture heavy duty corrugated crates as a cost effective and Eco-  friendly replacement to wooden or plastic crates. Our custom crates are easily assembled and disassembled. We manufacture them in accordance with industry standards for shipping by truck, train, ocean or air.

Our corrugated crate system can help you save money over standard wooden crates in several ways: They are lighter than wood so they will help you save on freight cost, they can be nested inside each other and thus occupy lesser space in storage,  and they are reusable.